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Here, we address the basic ecological process of fungal succession in nature using the microscopic, arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF) that form essential mutualisms with 70–90% of plants. We find a.

and ecological predictors of microbiome functionality and composition. Host evolutionary history, indeed, appears to shape gut microbial patterns among both closely and distantly related species.

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Potential ecological interactions and putative keystone taxa were identified based on co-occurrence network analysis. These findings facilitate current understanding of the microbial ecology of.

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We then used a network approach based on modularity: (1) to detect biogeographic structure; (2) to correlate the patterns evidenced with the current knowledge on the biogeographic distribution and.

Quorum sensing (QS) signalling has been extensively studied in single species populations. However, the ecological role of QS in complex, multi-species communities, particularly in the context of.

For complete details on the bioinformatics methods, including the versions of all software and dependencies, and all commands and parameter settings, readers can view the provenance data contained in.

Pond names match those in Table S1 and COAN, Forest2, Forest5. By inferring sex reversal in green frogs living in different anthropogenic and undeveloped ecological contexts, we provide early.

Alternatively, turnover, i.e. differences in species identity, could arise if biofilms of different thickness have different environmental conditions apart from gradients of substrates and electron.

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Despite their ecological and agricultural relevance. 1594 (mean +/− s.d.) bacterial reads and 562 +/− 726 fungal reads per sample (Suppl. Fig. S1); sequences sharing more than 97% sequence.

Infection by gastrointestinal helminths of humans, livestock and wild animals is common, but the impact of such endoparasites on wild hosts and their gut microbiota represents an important overlooked.

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However, the understanding of the viral population and the ecological diversity residing in bat populations. The GA II sequence data have been deposited into the NCBI sequence reads archive under.

For attribution, the original author(s), title, publication source (PeerJ) and either DOI or URL of the article must be cited. Ecological assemblages are generally characterized by a few dominant.

The Mizumani URL is located in the Gifu prefecture in central Japan. The Mizunami URL consists of a main shaft, a ventilation shaft, access tunnels at 300 and 500 m below ground level (mbgl) and.

The results showed that moderate N addition increased ecological stochasticity and phylogenetic diversity. In contrast, high N addition slightly increased homogeneous selection and decreased.

The lack of paralleled 16S rRNA sequencing data of plaque samples may hamper a comprehensive understanding of the ecological effect of arginine on the oral microbiome. Whether the benefits of arginine.

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This study was designed to study the complex interactions observed during litter decomposition in mangroves by applying network analysis to metagenomic data and to test the hypothesis that in such a.

Soil microbial processes are crucial for understanding the ecological functions of arid and semi-arid lands which occupy approximately 40% of the global terrestrial ecosystems. However, how soil.

The extant diversity of lignin-degrading bacteria and fungi is underestimated by culture-dependent methods, limiting our understanding of the functional and ecological traits of decomposers.

Plankton communities normally consist of few abundant and many rare species, yet little is known about the ecological role of rare planktonic. study have been submitted to the NCBI Sequence Read.

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Victorian Cancer Registry and geochemical data were accessed for an ecological geographical correlation study, 1984–2003. Spatial empirical Bayes smoothing was applied when estimating standardised.