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CAPE CANAVERAL – The space shuttle Endeavour, built to replace NASA’s lost ship Challenger, prepared for a final flight this week, heading not into orbit but west to a Los Angeles museum. at the.

The US space shuttle Endeavour is on its final. is to be rehomed at the city’s local museum, the California Science Center. The shuttle’s journey began at Los Angeles International Airport on.

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LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – The retired space shuttle Endeavour rolled into its retirement home at a museum early on Sunday. the site of the California Science Center where the shuttle will go on.

2012 — When NASA’s space shuttle Endeavour lands at the California Science Center in Los Angeles this fall, it will be displayed in a temporary exhibit, and later a new museum facility, named for an.

Endeavour nosed out of Los Angeles International Airport before dawn on Friday to begin a two-day, 12-mile (19-km) journey atop a massive wheeled transporter to the California Science. shuttle.

Endeavour’s historic California aerial tour will cap a three-day trip from its homeport at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida to Los Angeles, where the orbiter will ultimately become a museum.

LOS ANGELES (AP) A gigantic space shuttle fuel tank is creeping through streets near Los Angeles on its way to a science museum. The 33-ton, 154-foot-long external propellant tank began moving at.

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More than 1 million people have visited the California Science. shuttle shown in an upright position. On Monday, the museum unveiled another shuttle-themed exhibit: “Mission 26: The Big Endeavour,”.

LOS ANGELES – It was supposed to be a spectacular event including a two-day parade, but space shuttle. Science Center will inspire current and future generations of innovators and explorers.".

High school students from Downey walk to prom as the ET-94 fuel tank rests outside the California Science Center. Swanson in Inglewood as the ET-94 space shuttle external tank travels across Los.

A massive space shuttle external propellant tank will be squeezed through the streets of Los Angeles to join a display of the retired orbiter Endeavour at the California Science Center. The big move.

One year and nearly 3 million visitors later, NASA’s retired space shuttle Endeavour is the focus of a celebration at its Los Angeles museum home. The California Science Center is commemorating the.

The ET-94 fuel tank rests outside the California Science Center on Saturday. astronaut Steve Swanson in Inglewood as the ET-94 space shuttle external tank travels across Los Angeles to its new.

LOS ANGELES — The space shuttle Endeavour has touched down for the last. After the shuttle arrives at the science center on Oct. 13, the museum will spend about two weeks touching up the orbiter.

When NASA’s space shuttle Endeavour lands at the California Science Center in Los Angeles this fall, it will be displayed in a temporary exhibit, and later a new museum facility named for an.

The Space Shuttle. the California Science Center, which will put Endeavor on permanent display, announced "Somebody pinch us. Because this. Is. Unreal." As you might imagine, the shuttle didn’t.

Space shuttle Endeavour’s final flight. span 26 days to travel from Florida to the Los Angeles museum. "We are calling it ‘The Big Endeavour,’" Jeffrey Rudolph, the president of the California.