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Photograph: Kheng Ho Toh/Alamy An academic journal has retracted dozens of articles and apologised to readers after falling victim to what it described as a “peer review ring” that. papers.

Peer. online at PeerJ Preprints 1 on 19 March, and in their paper call on other funders to reconsider their funding processes. “I think this practice should be abolished altogether,” says study.

Indian Research Journals, provides of Journal of Marketing, Financial Services, Management Research (IJMFSMR), Social Science and INTERDISCIPLINARY RESEARCH (IJSSIR). international journal of Social Science and Interdisciplinary Research(IJSSIR) to latest trends in Social Science and Interdisciplinary research. Indian Research Journals of research in Business Management,

Peer-reviewed journal published three times a year by the Association for Media and Technology in Education in Canada (AMTEC). Chief Learning Officer Monthly online magazine focuses on solutions for enterprise productivity, including the use of e-learning and technology for workplace training and support.

I encourage you to review OpGen’s filings with the Securities. of the recent FDA clinical trial data in top peer-reviewed journals. As we get closer to receiving FDA clearance for the AMR.

For type strains of species or subspecies with validly published names, names of synonyms, alternative strain deposits, and.

Earlier this year the editors of Britain’s two top medical journals spoke out forcefully about. Instead of pre-publication vetting by peer review, Smith proposed leaving it to online readers to.

“Relegere: Studies in Religion and Reception is an independent, open-access, peer-reviewed academic journal dedicated to the promotion and dissemination of innovative research in reception history, broadly conceived, within and across religious traditions.” Full online journal, free for all.

Science Publishing Group is an independent international publisher of 200+ open access, online, peer-reviewed journals covering a wide range of academic disciplines.

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So when word hit the internet starting on Tuesday night that Elsevier had just been awarded a patent for an "online peer-review system and method," reaction. Elsevier received for its five-year-old.

Question Definition Scientific Method Beyond that, I see no point in pretending that science has a single method (it doesn’t), or in trying to draw a hard and fast line between scientific knowledge and other kinds of knowledge about the. Sociology is a social science, and sociologists investigate using the scientific method. Ergo, science is not logically or lexicographically

The Journal of Clinical Investigation is a monthly peer-reviewed medical journal covering biomedical research.It was established in 1924 and is published by the American Society for Clinical Investigation.Articles focus on the mechanisms of disease, with an emphasis on basic research, early-stage clinical studies in humans, and new research tools and techniques.

Peer review is seen as a thankless chore with little reward other than the editor’s someday owing you a favor—thus, articles regularly. The 43 peer reviewers she crowdsourced online, Fitzpatrick.

Bentham Science – STM publisher of online and print journals, and related print/online book series. Bentham Science answers the information needs of scientists in the fields of pharmaceutical, biomedical, medical, engineering, technology, computer and social sciences.

Mar 22, 2019  · Most of the library’s research databases include articles from scholarly, peer-reviewed journals. Learning to identify scholarly (often known as "peer-reviewed") and non-scholarly sources of information is an important skill to cultivate.

DeepDyve is the largest online rental service for scholarly research with thousands of academic publications available at your fingertips.

The huge amounts of money available from governments for scientific research, and the consequent high stakes involved in being published in peer-reviewed journals has almost. identities” to.

We used published data from rat and human studies (Russell et al., 2015) to estimate certain pharmacokinetic parameters as markers of internal exposure for 6:2 FTOH and its metabolites.The publication by Russell et al. (2015) provided a comprehensive compilation of results from single and repeated-exposure studies performed in rats (DeLorme et al., 2011, Himmelstein et al., 2012a,

Engage, Implement, and Contribute. Participants in the ETE 10 program earn digital badges, or mircocredentials, based on reflection and documentation of teaching-related professional development experiences, and can earn two culminating certificates.

Engage, Implement, and Contribute. Participants in the ETE 10 program earn digital badges, or mircocredentials, based on reflection and documentation of teaching-related professional development experiences, and can earn two culminating certificates.

To encourage an effective peer review process, some states have promulgated laws that. For example, hospitals will often rely on. Complete access to news articles on this website is available to.

Hansen and his co-authors posted a draft of the paper online to a journal where discussion. can improve the paper before submitting it to journals. Faculty of 1,000 Research, which promises open.

The Australian Journal of Educational & Developmental Psychology (AJEDP) is a double blind peer reviewed online journal, publishing research and scholarly reports from the broad areas of educational and developmental psychology. You can access every article published in the journal since its launch in 2001 by Clicking Here Neural Plasticity

Do Zoologist Interact With Animals After studying the material on this page you should be able to: recognize the names & faces of the founders of ethology and behaviourism list and compare the characteristics of ethology and experimental animal psychology describe the ‘nature/nurture’ problem explain the significance of Hailman’s experiment on development of pecking preference in young herring gulls describe

More than a year later, the paper is still online and the journal still lists. Wolters Kluwer Health, the division responsible for the Medknow journals, "is committed to rigorous adherence to the.

Apr 08, 2019  · The Library One Search retrieves many articles, books, and other resources from the ASU Library’s collection.It’s a good first place to start. Hint: On the left hand side refine your search to "Items with full text online." However, if you have detailed search requirements, you may need to search individual databases for more results.

Here’s the review of the first week’s results. and participate in a year-long fellowship as well as having access to the.

INSIGHT: The Journal of ASORN. Insight is a peer-reviewed, clinical and scientific journal written by ophthalmic nurses and other ophthalmic medical personnel who are experts in their field of ophthalmology

Traditional peer review has shaped the way new research has. is rethinking how knowledge is understood and judged by inviting online readers to comment on books in progress, compiling journals from.

In this post, Lutz Bornmann and Robin Haunschild present evidence from their recent study examining the relationship of peer review, altmetrics. societal impact has been through altmetrics – online.

all fit for publication in peer-reviewed science journals. The latest book review presents Mama’s Last Hug: Animal Emotions and What They Tell Us about Ourselves by biologist Frans de Waal.

The Advances in Therapy article titled, “Cost-Effectiveness of the Use of Autologous Cell Harvested Device Compared to Standard of Care for Treatment of Severe Burns in the United States,” may be.

May 20, 2019  · Free online education journals. Follow these links to online journals, databases or blogs. The journals are peer-reviewed and open-access. New Zealand. He Kupu. Research and views on early childhood education. [New Zealand Tertiary College] NZ Journal of Teachers Work.

All articles in open access journals which are published by Elsevier have undergone peer review and upon acceptance are immediately and permanently free for everyone to read and download.

New Rochelle, NY, March 15, 2019 – Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., publishers announces the launch of PHAGE: Therapy, Applications, and Research, the only peer-reviewed publication. PHAGE will be published.

In this lesson, students consider and analyze the longstanding peer review model. Also in advance of class, browse the print or online Science Times, and clip or print copies of several different.

Purpose. OJIN: The Online Journal of Issues in Nursing is a peer-reviewed publication that provides a forum for discussion of the issues inherent in current topics of interest to nurses and other health care professionals. The intent of this journal is to present different views on issues that affect nursing research, education, and practice, thus enabling readers to understand the full.

Scientific publishers should let their online readers become reviewers. Who are the peers in peer review? In journals such as Nature, they usually have a PhD and work in a field relevant to the paper.

Dec 03, 2013  · All the articles publish on PLOS ONE are published after going through a strict peer-reviewed process. This academic database has a meticulous procedure for publishing a journal. You can find plenty of articles and academic publications using this platform.